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Are you about to go to a wedding and want to see more of the UK than just the hotel and the bar?
Then let us help you make your trip an experience you’ll never forget. We will help you put together the trip of your dreams.

Bicycle and Walking Trails

Enjoy the UK’s incredible network of Public Rights of Way during your stay – from coastal paths to mountain ranges

Check for Bicycle Hire Centres for bikes and e-bikes in the local area and Cycle Share Schemes in several cities

Share the Love

Are you looking for job and training opportunities in hospitality and tour guiding? Do you want to share the beauty of places with other people or deliver great events in special places to special guests? Then get in touch via this jobs portal and become part of the exceptional world of wedding providers and tour guiding partners.

Venues Hub

Are you a wedding venue looking to link your wedding guests to a national network of tour operators? By joining Wedding Tourist you can direct your guests to this website from your website, and enjoy multiple industry insights into the tourism and hospitality industry from your unique wedding venue perspective.

What do we do?

Wedding Tourist is the go-to place for wedding guests to book tours of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Great Britain

Home to the great British wedding experience! Share the traditions of white dresses, cutting cake, first dances, toasts and speeches, stag and hen do’s, old, new, borrowed and blue in Shakespeare’s sceptered isle! Help yourself to the many attractions it offers by exploring a piece of it while you are here.

Industry Partners

Working with national bodies and government departments to inform and educate